Alter Community First Blog #01

Alter Community First Blog #01

Welcome to the very first Alter Community blog!


Throughout 2020 we will be releasing multiple blogs written by multiple community members. In short, the concept behind Alter Community is to help influence people’s lives for the better. We aim to do this in a very practical and realistic way. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t need to be unimaginably large. As The Office Manger Michael Scott said, “Too much change is not a good thing. Ask the climate”. We believe that a community of people striving to be a little better can make a huge impact in this world.

In 2020 we will take on a broad range of topics including the importance of community, loneliness, the power of your purchases, easy ways to reduce plastic use, the power of the tongue, and many more. The blogs will be stylistically varied, reflecting their varied authors - members of the Alter Community. They will include lots of handy tips for self-improvement and looking at the local and global effects of our daily decisions, and what we can possibly do to help it. Alter Community is not here to judge or make you feel judged. The blog is designed so that you can read a post at your leisure and potentially make slight alterations to the way you go about your day.


We believe in the philosophical term ubuntu, meaning “I am because we are”. Ubuntu is an ideology originating in South Africa. “I am because we are” is the ultimate reflection of community. Ubuntu points to how people reflect the community they are within. It is comparable to the old adage that “who you surround yourself with, you become”. Alter Community aims to build a community of people striving to be better by allowing one another’s passions and talents help to build each other up. We’d love to invite you to read the blogs as they are released and see if there is anything you can take onboard. A slight Alteration to the way you live your life will make a lasting effect on this world right now.

Welcomes aside, a quick reminder. January has flown past and we are now in February of 2020 and its quite likely that some things might not have gone quite to plan. It may be a New Years’ resolution that didn’t quite last the month, or a job application that didn’t work out. Maybe you have been feeling rejected, or too nervous to start something new. We encourage you to remember that tomorrow is a new day! Just because the year didn’t start perfectly does not mean that it’s too late turn it around.


So, remember to stop and smell the roses. Take in nature and find joy in it when you do! You might need to reflect and re-evaluate. Always be bold, courageous, and brave, take a step out in faith! You have to start somewhere and sometimes you just need to start. January 2020 might be over but this year is still yours. Keep aiming for the very best.  

Tomorrow is a new day, it all begins when you make a start.


Thank you so much for reading and being a part of our community, we are very much looking forward to posting the next blog!


Alex Neil,

Alter Community.

Alter Community is safe place. If you need help with anything that you are struggling with, please reach out.

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So great to be reading this. A wonderful sentiment “I am because we are”. We are certainly made to not do life alone – we are created to do it in relationship with God and a community of people. I applaud this post!

Laurie Nash

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