Get Involved

Looking at issues within our world can be pretty daunting. Whether it’s global injustices, or at the local-level, it isn’t hard to start feeling very small. 

It’s easy to feel that what you'd like to see changed is often too big for one person. That no matter what you did, the issue would remain.

Where to start? 

Alter desires to help build a community of everyday people doing seemingly little things to make a big difference. We do this through a positive platform, positive conversation, positive content, encouraging blog writing, friendly community events and equipping people with ways to contribute as they continue their daily lives.

Something small done consistently over a long period of time turns that something small, into something big.  

If you are passionate and want to get involved with Alter in any capacity, we would love to have you. Whether you are a creative writer, content creator, you'd like to volunteer at or host a community night, or just wanna get onboard then please email and get involved!