Park It Up

A series dedicated to finding a spot to stop. Whether it's for 5 minutes with a coffee in hand, or in a sandy camping chair with a bunch of mates, our Park It Up series is all about encouraging you to press pause for a bit.

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Alter Community

We think you'd agree with us that society is becoming increasingly disconnected. We are independent, automated, online. And yet, many of us crave a deeper sense of real and authentic community.

What do thriving communities look like? We think that they are made up of people who know how to be good neighbours. The kind of people who are present and attentive to the needs of those around them. The kind of people who make others smile. The kind of people who are willing to get their hands dirty to help people who need it. The kind of people who make others feel like they belong, and that they are seen and known.

We think that connection exists through good neighbours.
So we're on a mission to empower people to be good neighbours...
to each other, in community, and in the world.

Community Coffee

Park it up at Alter Community Coffee!

Located in Chermside in the northern suburbs of Brissy.

We offer specialty coffee, pastries and toasties. Join a mate and dine in or grab and go.

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for your next event

Alter Community Coffee is now on the move!

We'd love to bring specialty coffee and good vibes to your next event.

Serving weddings, sporting carnivals and community events.

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